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Teamwork - The Modern Clinic

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”

We often get asked, “should I see an osteopath or a physiotherapist?”

The answer: it doesn’t matter.

We classify ourselves as a multidisciplinary team, a team of multiple allied health disciplines well organized to deliver comprehensive care. We pride ourselves on being able to address almost any problem our clients present with and utilize our extensive referral network if it falls out of our scope of practice.

To ensure optimum functioning between the team (Evolve) and you (the client) we have clearly established roles and take care in formulating plans that are tailored to each client’s need. This requires respect and trust between team members, the best use of the skills mix available and effective communication. At Evolve we constantly strive to uphold these values.

Any successful sporting team will tell you that communication is the key to their success. Communication is something we are definitely masters of at Evolve Health. Communication is not just between the client and their practitioner, but also between each member of the team.

Each clinician at Evolve aims to individualize their treatment to the goals of the client. They spend the time to get to know you, and tailor your treatment to returning you to what is important to you.

Inter-practitioner communication is key and it’s why you will often see us asking each other for opinions on a particular conditions or management strategies. We have case discussions, peruse scans and challenge each other on a daily basis to be the best practitioners we can be. We have an inherent understanding that as individuals we have a particular skill set that suits some clients but not all. We regularly meet to discuss cases, and share information from professional development courses

Teamwork is an effective model of practice not just in clinics, also in sport. I’ll leave you with a practical example of how effective teamwork reaps continued success. Michael Jordan arguably the best basketball player of our generation. He lead the Chicago Bulls to six championships through the 90’s. As an individual he was great, but it was his team first mentality that cemented his spot in the NBA hall of fame. He summarizes his success by saying the following:

“Talent wins games, teamwork and intelligence wins championships”

As a client of Evolve we aim to help you win your own personal championship. At Evolve you can confidently expect to have multiple practitioners at your disposal. If your current treating clinician feels that your condition would be better served to be treated by another member of the team they will refer you to them. Do not view this as a limitation, but rather as a strength. Our number one priority is the care of you, the client. We aim to be the Steve Kerr to your Michael Jordan.

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