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Terms and Conditions - Evolve Health Christmas Giveaway

Below are listed the terms and conditions for the Evolve Health Illawarra 12 Day Christmas Giveaway.

  1. Purchasing an Evolve Health Product will not increase your chance of winning.

  2. Your name can only be entered into the draw once per day/product

  3. The giveaway will start on the 7th of December and finish on the 22nd of December with products being given away on each day.

  4. Names will be randomly selected from the list of people who have liked, shared or commented a friends name on the post.

  5. All people who fulfill the entry criteria are eligible to win the prize.

  6. All prizes are to be claimed from the clinic directly and will not be mailed to the winners.

For any questions please call the clinic directly on (02) 8960 8759

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